Hey Nintendo,

Please translate Mother 3 and make it available worldwide.


Literally everyone.

Mother 3 has been out in Japan for

over 12 years (since April 20, 2006).

Hey Nintendo,

My name is Ruth. I'm a 27 year old from upstate New York. I've been in love with games for most of my life. Mother 3 is one of the best I've ever played, but it's never been released outside of Japan.

Mother 3 is a game that made me feel a lot of things. It made me feel sad, and it made me feel happy. It made me feel excited, and it made me feel scared. I loved every second of playing it. (And I did cry at the end.)

I hope that, sometime soon, the rest of the world outside of Japan will be given the opportunity to play this game through fully legal means. Every time someone downloads the translation patch and finds an illegal ROM on a shady site on the internet, you make no money. But most of those times, a life is changed, even if just a little bit. You've got a big opportunity to bring a beautiful, heartrending story to millions of people around the world.

Please take it.

With love,

Ruth (and a ton of other fans worldwide)